Shredding is environmentally sound—by not burning your pruning’s (approximately 1 ton of brush per acre), you eliminate smoke, ash and PM-10 emissions. Since 2010, Central Valley growers have not been able to burn orchard pruning’s (other than attrition).

Efird Ag Enterprises Inc. will operate all (3) Flory Powr' Track Shredders 24 hours a day, shredding up to 1,000 acres per day, in order to remove brush in a timely manner, allowing you to access your orchard for other cultural practices!

Why shred with the Flory powr’ track shredder?

  • Speed - Powered with a CAT C-13 (435 HP) motor, the Flory Powr' Track Shredder can cover:
  • Estimated 12 to 16 acres per hour in almonds & walnuts (depending on pruning density and row spacing)
  • Estimated 6 to 8 acres per hour in fruit orchards (depending on pruning density and row spacing)
  • Estimated 10 to 12 acres per hour in pistachios (depending on pruning density and row spacing)
  • Does not require unnecessary or costly stacking procedure (unlike the Termite and Jackrabbit), brush is stacked as if it were going to be pushed.
  • The shredding head utilizes 105 hammers to pulverize prunings, producing fine mulch which accelerates decomposition.
  • Mulch is evenly and consistently distributed down and across the row with no concentration of material in the center of the row.
  • Can shred up to 5" diameter brush (the larger the diameter the brush, the less efficient the machine) 3" diameter (or smaller) brush is recommended. This eliminates the cost of sending labor through your field to pick up wood cut and left behind by pruning crews.
  • Wet weather is not a factor- having rubber tracks, the Flory Powr' Track Shredder provides the lowest soil compaction of any shredder on the market (less than 7 lbs. per square inch) therefor; rain and wet field conditions are not a concern.
  • Low profile - the Flory Powr' Track Shredder's compact design (7'8" tall and 11'8" wide) allows operation in orchards with low canopies and narrow row spacing (16’ or wider).